Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Deal with Dry / Chapped Lips

Dry/chapped lips is one of the common problems that happen to anyone. Besides disturbing when we eat or speak, dry/chapped lips certainly also will interfere with our appearance. But not a few people are actually wrong in dealing with this problem that aggravate their condition. Wet her lips with saliva is often a shortcut when chapped lips and dry. And this way it will aggravate moisture lip. Level of an increasingly severe lip dryness even this will make the smile off and ruin the appearance.

Shortly after you lick the lips it feels wet, but when dried saliva, the lips will drier than before. Therefore, saliva would make natural moisturizing layer on the lip more quickly eroded. Saliva is not just plain water, but it contains an enzyme that dissolves the role of food in the digestive process. Similarly, when it hits the rim, which contained the enzyme will work like when you meet the food. That is why, wet her lips with saliva will actually make your lips chapped.
Below i’ve written how to deal with dry/chapped lips:

Begonia plants were not only beautiful to the eye, but also efficacious as a remedy. The part used is the leaves. (Mount Kelud, Indonesia) In the area of tropical forest is very beautiful and eye soothing, turns out it's hidden collection of plants used to treat the people there chapped lips. Understandably, people there often have chapped lips or in the heat, because the area lies at an altitude below 1,000 m asl. Hot conditions are felt by the average air temperature in the morning until sung days between 25-30 ° C and relative air humidity on average below 90%. What makes this area feel more parias than other forest areas.

One of the people who use this plant as a medicine is Kiar. He lived around the foot of Mount Kelud and often experience heartburn and chapped lips. If it were so normally he would take a leaf cembilung then squeeze squeezed and rubbed on the lips are chapped. This cembilung leaves will taste sour and fresh. The use of this plant community has been conducted there for generations.

Cembilung, trunked soft herbal plant has leaves that are wide, rounded. A slightly darker green color is decorated with white flowers reddish. These plants live clustered in a rather damp forest floor, full of litter and open. And most importantly, this plant is efficacious as traditional medicine lips dry and chapped lips.

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