Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scrapings, the traditional method of catching a cold repellent

Scrapings as cold medicine, This method is often used by people of Indonesia, especially in rural areas since the era ancestor. So until now scrapings still believed that ordinary people use alternative medicine to treat diseases common colds, although medical treatment is used, if you have not scraped it seems the disease has not gone away.
The philosophy of Java peaple scrapings will be able to issue a wind that exist in the body through the upper hole (yawn) and the bottom hole (fart) after it issued a sweat. Methods scrapings are usually performed by using a coin scraping into the body with oil / balm. Scraping’s  done repeatedly so for people who are sick of colds will appear more clearly from the blackish red in healthy individuals. This culture has been done for centuries by our ancestors. So not a weird thing that people in rural areas are still many who make use of that culture. Although medically contradictory. Facts prove there are still many people do self-treatment with scrapings including case study examples author: Pseudonyms mbah Karto, it was sick with a fever and bowel movements, brought to the doctor are given medication and taken as directed. For 2 days still no change then mbah Karto secretly ask scraped together his son, also immediately after scraped or scraped out mbah Karto sweat soaking his fever gradually dropped the bowels clogged. Thanks are mbah Karto believe that scrapings the most efficacious drugs since he was doing. According to medical scrapings In the process, there was an inflammatory reaction or inflammation. The result is a dilation of blood vessels and the expenditure of inflammatory mediators. Blood flow to be smooth if scraped or massaged so that more oxygen and nutrients available for muscle tissue. Substances that cause soreness can be immediately taken bloodstream to be excreted or neutralized. Moreover, it also happens stimulation on keratinocytes and endothelial (innermost layer of blood vessels) which will react with the emergence propiomelanokortin (POMC). This substance is a polypeptide which will then be broken down by the end of one of which is beta-endorphin. Post scrapings obtained an increase in IL-1 beta, Clq, and beta-endorphins, while C3 and PGE2 levels declined. The cause of pain is reduced then the pain PGE22 will be reduced. This result leads to reduced muscle pain, the body feels refreshed and comfortable. Induced inflammation in addition to muscle pain relief will also trigger cardiovascular reactions. The sign was a mild increase in body temperature, between 0.5-1oC. So after scraped, our body feels warmer. Scrapings cause pain and skin irritation Fact: scrapings are done correctly will not cause pain. Acupuncture experts argue that during the massage, you should scrape past the point of acupuncture tool that motor nerves are stimulated, thus ultimately improving blood circulation. The recommended way scrapings are aligned perpendicular to the spine sideways and parallel to the shoulder. Scrapings tools typically use a coin, coins, or special tools scrapings. The tools are required to blunt so as not to injure the skin. Then, aided by a function other than to warm the oil to lubricate the process also scrapings, thus avoiding the occurrence of skin abrasions. How to curry also not be too hard because it will cause discomfort and can injure the skin. Everyone should do the scrapings Fact: not everyone should scrapings. Not include people with unhealthy skin conditions (eg eczema, sunburn, acne, bacterial or fungal infection). Scrapings in the area will only worsen the infection or inflammation. Patients with diabetes mellitus should also avoid scrapings. The reason, in case of cuts or abrasions, wounds can be difficult to cure. Patients who take anticoagulants or have a blood clotting disorder should also not do the scrapings. Scrape too deep can cause bleeding under the skin. Scrapings also should not be performed on small children because their skin is still thin and soft, and smaller blood vessels. After scrapings, it is recommended to bathe Fact: It is not recommended. After scrapings should not shower because the pores of the skin in an open condition. Better to wipe with a damp cloth dipped in warm water and squeezed. The body will feel more comfortable if you drink something warm, warm soup, and put on warm clothes / blankets. Scrapings one should not do when you feel unwell, but do not be complacent, if symptoms do not subside should also consult a doctor. With scrapings people believe pain can be cured, the belief has invested 50% recovery and healing process kerikan action. Similarly, medical. All depends on the beliefs each of these facts prove scrapings still mostly done by people, especially in rural areas.

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