Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whiten your face with traditional methods

Pumpkin is one type of vegetables that are multi-functional. In addition it can be cooked as a vegetable is nutritious fruit to whiten the face. Who is it who do not want to have a white face and clean. Various means have been undertaken in order to have a white face and clean. Various kinds of facial whitening products sold in the market also must be hunted down many people. Instead you risk not fit and it makes your face becomes damaged it would be nice you try to whiten the face of traditional medicine is that with a pumpkin.

Pick a pumpkin, cucumber, and soybean. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins B, C, fats and proteins, in addition to whiten the skin can also reduce the reddish spots on the skin due to sunlight. Cucumbers are rich in vitamins, fats and minerals can also whiten the skin, the condition is not mixed fruit or vegetables rich in vitamin C, not to neutralize the vitamin. As for vitamins, calcium, fat and protein in soybeans functioning nourish, moisturize, and overcome the irritation of the skin. Once the full content contained in these fruits, so it's not a lie if you do not believe in traditional medicine to whiten the face of this powerful tool to overcome your problem.

To make the traditional ingredients whiten the face, follow these steps:
150 g pumpkin mash which has been first boiled mash a medium-sized cucumbers, put the blender Soak 50 grams of soy beans for several hours, then puree in blender.

Step treatment using traditional medicine facial bleach above:

Clean the face with a cleanser that contains cucumber extract. Almost all beauty products are now producing this cleanser cucumber extract. Apply a cream pearl (pearl cream) on the face evenly, massage slowly rotating, then set aside some time. Grease a face with cucumber juice (take 1 / 3 part only) thinly and evenly, have a light massage evenly about 1 minute.

Now, do the evaporation of the face. The trick, mix the remaining cucumber juice into a basin of hot water, and let it steam on your face for 5-10 minutes, when your face feels warm. Then, apply a thin layer of soy bean juice on the face, massage evenly 5 minutes, let stand a moment, and then remove all the wet washcloth. Finally, use lumatan pumpkin as a face mask and leave for 20 minutes, then wash.

You can practice traditional medicine to whiten the face of this, and see the results, your face will look cleaner and whiter.

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