Saturday, December 3, 2011

Traditional Herbs For Skin Cancer

If you often feel itching, frequently irritated, lest skin cancer is ready to 'eat' your skin. Skin cancer is one type of cancer that is not too difficult to be prevented and treated. However, the disease is often less well known. Basically everyone can experience skin cancer. High risk groups are those related to excessive sunlight for a long time. Or, people with little melamine content in the skin such as those with bright skin color. So that you do not get severe skin cancer you can immediately treat with traditional ingredients for skin cancer.

This type of skin cancer are basal cell, squamous cell and malignant melanoma. The first two types are most common and less dangerous than malignant.

Basal cell carcinoma most commonly found in people with bright color on a daily basis a lot to do with sunlight. The areas most frequently in the attack skin cancer is found in the nose, eyelids, cheeks or body. Cancer is characterized by bumps on the skin surface, the crust is soft, the hand injury occurs, the limit seems like a candle with the former slightly thickened skin. Would not such a thing would be very damaging to your appearance? Then what are you waiting? Immediately treat your skin cancer with traditional ingredients for skin cancer.

The spice that makes curry yellow, saffron, able to fight skin cancer. Researchers Amaerika States (U.S.) said it earlier this week. They stated curcumin, which is contained in the turmeric is able to fight with skin cancer or melanoma cells. A series of tests in the laboratory showed curcumin was able to make cancer cells self-destruct melanoma. The process is called apoptosis. The same research team, previously also found curcumin is able to fight the spread of breast cancer. It was known after being tested on mice.

Bharat Aggarwal of the Department of Experimental Therapeutics University of Texas conducted experiments on melanoma cells, called cell lines. Turmeric is applied in various doses and different times. Curcumin suppressed two proteins that are commonly used types of tumor cells to survive. As stated in the journal Cancer. Want to avoid cancer? Turmeric Aggarwal advised to consume as much as possible. The lack of discovery of cases of cancer in people who often eat the spices have proved it. And turmeric has been shown to markedly as a traditional herb for skin cancer.

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