Saturday, January 28, 2012

Treat Thrush

Thrush is one of oral disease which is very annoying because other than burning, usually followed by extreme pain. Moreover, if the thrush on the tongue or oral cavity. For some people, thrush often become very difficult disease and cured subscription. According to several sources on the internet, ordinary mouth ulcer disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C or vitamin A in the body. In addition, could also be because stress factors or most of the mind. There are several options in treating thrush.

Below we will say a few good choices that are thrush medicine traditional and non-natural herbs.

1. Thrush Natural Medicines
- Drink boiled grass leaves or sage leaves
- Drinking a solution of honey and then smearing wounds with honey original sprue is
- Drinking coconut water
- Gargling with water guava bark collision
- Gargling with the use of crushed turmeric or saffron

2. Thrush Non-Herbal Medicines
- Albothyl (applied directly to wounds canker sores. It's very painful but very effective for some people)
- FG Trochees (like candy)
- For some types of ulcers with the consumption of vitamin C can cure
- Miconazole (suitable for use as a remedy for canker sores child,)

In addition to the above drugs, it is advisable for people to get the intake of vitamin C & vitamin A from vegetables is quite natural. Also, get used to reduce stress levels, whether it is derived from work, school affairs, family matters or of other factors.

Hopefully useful.

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