Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Overcome Oily Skin with Trasitional ways

Having oily skin who tend to do will make us a bit annoyed, especially with a greasy face will make us look any less attractive, in addition to a shiny face, dust / dirt that often stick in the pores of the skin and can cause acne to appear.
There have been many types / brands of cosmetics that can reduce excess oil, such as an anti-foam facial oils and creams also sunblok that can reduce the levels of excess oil.
Factors causing oily skin:
  1. It's definitely a poor diet will be much the cause of the oil content, too much fat in the body that can come from eating sweet-food and high fat.
  2. Hormonal factors that could be one too why the skin becomes oily, hormonal imbalance or at the time of puberty can be a trigger.
  3. Selection of an inappropriate type of cosmetics could be the oil levels in the face to be increased.
  4. Heredity can be said to also be a factor oily skin, usually the parents who have oily skin problems, will also bequeathed to his son.
  5. The influence of drugs such as drugs for family planning can lead to oily skin.
Traditional Herbs:
Maybe I'll explain my experience to reduce the excess of excess oil traditionally, because I think it is more efficient, faster and safer without effect samping.dan here I use celery leaves a very powerful but can treat high blood pressure, but also can reduce the oil content in the face.
Celery leaves or can be known by the name of the Apium graveolens which you can find in the market or in your home garden, because the name of celery is not foreign to our ears, its leaves are also frequently made cuisine, and also can be used as medical drugs.

Its use ways:
  1. Take a taste Celery leaf and then cut up into small pieces, and after the cut into small pieces, pieces of celery inserted into a panic which had entered the water to a boil, and let marinade celery heat for 15-20 minutes, after settling for 15 -20 minutes, and can be left to cool (20-30 minutes).
  2. Apply water Celery that has been boiled and cooled before to the entire face, let it soak up water and mengering.Setelah Celery Celery water can seep in and dry rinsed or cleaned with water until clean. Use a 2 day 1 time use to get maximum results.
Good luck

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