Saturday, November 12, 2011

Traditional herb to treat headaches

If you often get headaches, you should not always rely on drugs to cope with pain. Because, if too often, your body will become resistant to the drug at a dose that is needed even more. Therefore, you better take the headaches of traditional medicine has also been proven to cure headaches.
As a result of routine headache medication may suddenly arise even high fever for no apparent reason. It could also arise depression, seizures, or behavioral changes. If an overdose, breathing will be depressed, and may end fatally. There are also types of headache medication that a blood meal. Hemoglobin, the major substance in red blood cells, could also disrupted. Moreover easily destroyed red blood cells, so that hooked headache medication can be less blood (haemolytic anemia). So if you want safe drinking traditional medicine just this headache. Without any side effects and also proven cure.

Headache that strikes suddenly would be inconvenient and very disturbing us. The more so if we are happy to do something. We would often get irritated when a headache, especially if in conjunction with a toothache. However, we can treat it with a simple natural recipes below:.

The recipe is as follows:
Turi Leaf
  1. Take the necessary ingredients are:
    *A handheld leaf turi
    *7 seed leaves turi
    *7 seeds pepper
    *Garlic to taste
    *One tablespoon of vinegar
  2. Mashed leaves turi, pepper and garlic until smooth and creamy.
  3. Enter the vinegar into it and stir until blended.
Then apply the potion on your forehead. Do this several times until your headache's gone and does not feel anymore. Well, pretty easy right? There is nothing difficult in this world, because basically what we need is already available in nature.

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