Sunday, December 18, 2011

Treating Panu (Pitriyasis versicolor) with traditional methods

Panu (Pitriyasis versicolor) is a type of skin disease simply feared especially for young teenagers. Not because it is contagious and deadly. But, because the people affected by this disease is often associated with people who are less able to maintain cleanliness. In addition, often causing itching when the skin is sweaty.

Panu (Pitriyasis versicolor) can strike in many parts of our bodies, ranging from the chest, arms, neck, legs, etc. The sign is accompanied by itchy patches arise are white, brown, or red depending on skin color. The reason is none other than fungi. This usually happens when our skin moist and protected clothing.

1. How to remove Panu (Pitriyasis versicolor) with garlic
Way, take a clove of garlic into 2 pieces and rub into the affected skin tinea versicolor. Perform regular morning, afternoon, evening up the dry and flaking skin fungus. If it is dry then the phlegm will be leaving our skin. Please try.

2. How to remove Panu (Pitriyasis versicolor) with lemon.
The materials prepared lime and sulfur. Cut the lemon into 4 pieces and finely crushed sulfur. Sliced ​​lime sulfur dip was then rubbed on the body of berpanu. Apply after a bath 2 times a day until healed.

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