Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Treat Dandruff...?

Dandruff or in medical language called ptiriasis SIKA (dandruff) experienced by many of Indonesia's population that has a tropical climate, high temperature and humid air. The disease is usually there or on the heads of people with oily skin types. Dandruff is an excessive growth of the scalp without inflammation. Symptoms of dandruff in general is the presence of white scales on the scalp, itching, and could also be accompanied by hair loss. Symptoms of disorders that appear to vary between individuals. Dandruff is not a problem that scary but just cause extreme itchiness, therefore, you also must be able to cure it by using the products sold in the market or with the traditional dandruff cure that feels much safer.

Dandruff is often a problem because they interfere with one's appearance due to dirty hair. Dandruff may become worse with the growth of microorganisms, microorganisms in excessive hair. Pityrosporum ovale, including the class of fungi, is actually the normal flora in the hair. However, various circumstances such as temperature, humidity, high oil content, and decreased immunity (resistance) loss can trigger excessive growth of this fungus. Many things that underlie the emergence of dandruff in the hair, then you should be diligent to care for your hair hygiene. And also try to use the traditional dandruff cure, ie, by utilizing a variety of plants that are around us.

Orange juice is one fruit that is believed to control the presence of dandruff. This fruit can fade the oil (sebum) in the scalp. That way, habitat or nesting place any harmful fungi that can be reduced. In addition to controlling the sebum in the head. Orange juice also can give the effect of fresh and comfortable, especially for the head of dandruff are often seized with intense itching. Fruits are rich in vitamin C content can also make the hair look healthy and beautiful glow.

How to use traditional medicine dandruff above is not difficult, before shampooing rub slices of lemon or lime juice on the scalp, especially in the area of ​​dandruff. Let stand about 15 minutes before washing and wash. In addition to the use of lime are also with the use of tea tree oil as a repellent one natural remedy dandruff. Now it has a lot of tea tree are sold in packaged form so that its application easier.

Plants of Australia has the ability as an antiseptic and anti fungal. In addition to overcome dandruff, tea tree is also commonly used to treat other skin disorders, such as athlete's foot, acne, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, boils and lice infections. Hopefully with these traditional medicines can relieve dandruff dandruff. Guaranteed nor is there any side effects because the material used is from fruits and plants.