Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vagina fragrant with betel leaf decoction

Many things may cause a woman has a vagina that smells unpleasant. For example, how to maintain the cleanliness of her vagina is not good, or it could be because the woman is suffering from vaginal discharge. For women who are cock smells do not worry we will be presenting a magic potion that rnembuat traditional woman's vagina becomes fragrant and fresh.

- 10 pieces of betel leaf
- Carambola
- 2 cups Water

How to make:
Take ten pieces of betel leaves are large and have started to turn yellow. Clean, then boil with 2 cups water starfruit. Wait until the water is shrinking almost live glass. Water is boiling pour it into the glass. Wait until warm lukewarm before drinking.

If you want to drink boiled water betel leaves on a regular basis. every day morning and evening will certainly vagina smells fragrant and no longer. You will not feel embarrassed when confronted with a husband who likes to kiss the vagina.

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